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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts


Your briny, tentacular home for May 3-5, 2019!

Boston is a city of both great history and forward-thinking ideals. It has to offer beautiful architecture, venerable graveyards, and a gorgeous seaside setting. Our venue, Brighton Music Hall, is easily accessible via mass transit, and located in a thriving late-night neighborhood that boasts both the creature comforts of proximity to the Boston University campus and the diversity and dining options of an up-and-coming multicultural neighborhood. The New England area is also, of course, the home of the Lovecraftian mythos - and we assure you that the stars will be right for your excursion.

Similarly, we will be proud to offer you a dynamic combination of both old and new music. We were, of course, the home of Convergence II, and have both the know-how to put on one of these shindigs, and the creativity and connections to breathe new life into the old ghost. Our local scene is happily located at the crossroads of several different New England metro areas and goth scenes, so we are spoiled enough to have something spooky going on virtually every weekend day, as well as many weekdays. We also count our blessings - or curses, as you prefer - that we are home to a thriving group of gothic types of all ages who are devoted to their club spaces and their music.

In addition to our band listings, we plan to have a fashion show, tea party, art exhibition, family-friendly outings and events, and many more attractions to show off both our city's and our guests' creativity and enthusiasm for all things tenebrous and spectral.