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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts


Diary of Dreams logo
Diary of Dreams (Solingen, Germany)

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first band for Convergence 25 and headliner for Saturday, May 4th, 2019, German darkwave giants Diary of Dreams.

You've danced to their music in clubs for years, but it's unlikely you've gotten to see them live, as they haven't graced the US with a show in well over a decade. We are unbelievably excited to have their dramatic soundscapes, infectious hooks and undeniable stage presence at Brighton Music Hall next May!


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London After Midnight logo
London After Midnight (Los Angeles, CA)

London After Midnight (LAM) was formed in the 1990s by Sean Brennan. Unlike most music projects, LAM has retained and nurtured the political and socially aware element of the later punk scene that virtually vanished from the music scene in the early 90s, and has developed as a deep, passionate and political dark rock music entity. Live members vary but include Sean Brennan, Michael Akrelett, Pete Pace and Matthew Setzer. LAM has gained a large and loyal following all over the world, from the USA, Europe, Latin America (where LAM has toured extensively), and beyond, to Russia, Japan, China and elsewhere (appearing in major press and securing distribution deals with record labels).

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London After Midnight has headlined and co-headlined concerts and major festivals with bands like The Cure, Green Day, HIM (HIM often cites LAM as a favorite artist, as has Marilyn Manson), and countless other major artists. LAM has performed to crowds of over 30,000 people as headliner or co-headliner on major music festivals around the world. Still, London After Midnight maintains a strong underground and independent "personality" despite being a top seller (charting in the top 10 and top 20 of several European indie charts with each CD released) and a major draw at music festivals year after year.

Songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and founder Sean Brennan is known for his strong stances in favor of animal rights, pro-environmental and human rights issues, anti-corporate, anti-war, and progressive/liberal politics. Whatever the approach or subject matter, the music of London After Midnight is deeply touching, powerful, socially aware, romantic, emotional, haunting, danceable, and occasionally exhibits a morbid wit with its sarcasm and sardonic humor.

LAM is all this, having a very well defined personality while at the same time appealing to a wide variety of people. There really is no classification that fits London After Midnight (despite LAM's "dark" image) because the music is so varied and intelligent and the lyrical content (and even LAM's personality and causes) are uncommon in today's music scene, often breaking boundaries- much to the outrage of people who live and die by genre labels. Sean Brennan shuns all labels (as any artist worth their salt will do) and the music he creates can really only be classified as "London After Midnight".

The latest ground-breaking London After Midnight CD Violent Acts of Beauty was released in Europe, Russia, and the USA (Trisol Music Group Germany, Iron D Records Russia, Metropolis Records USA) in 2007 and 2008. The CD has received critical acclaim with Germany's top music magazine, Orkus Magazine, proclaiming "Violent Acts of Beauty is a masterpiece of sound and lyric".

The next LAM CD is well under way and new songs will be performed during LAM’s upcoming concert dates.

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Imperative Reaction logo
Imperative Reaction (Phoenix, AZ)

Ted Phelps founded Imperative Reaction with David Andrecht in 1996. After gaining momentum in the Los Angeles Industrial scene, in 1999, the band released their first album entitled, Eulogy For The Sick Child. The debut was met with critical praise and a growing fan base. Songs like "Scorpio" and "The Longing" quickly found their way onto DJ playlists world-wide.

Described as progressive electro, with nods toward European style Futurepop, and guitar-driven industrial rephrased for an electro purist, danceable in every way.

Showcasing an evolved sound that combines the band's explosive live show with the precise, electronic anthems Imperative Reaction has built its name on; Imperative Reaction is both as much a summation as it is a huge step forward for a band never content to rest on past successes. Grinding synthesizers merge with a pummeling dance beat that gives way to a huge chorus comprised of a wall of guitar and larger-than-life gang vocals.


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I:Scintilla logo
I:Scintilla (Chicago, IL)

The Chicago-based electronic rock quintet I:Scintilla formed in 2003 and soon after self-released their debut album, The Approach (2004). After a year packed with live performances, I:Scintilla signed to Belgian electro label Alfa-Matrix and released their first EP Havestar (2006) and second full-length album Optics in 2007. Optics peaked at #6 on the Deutsche Alternative Charts Top 10 Albums list. Preceding the album release, I:Scintilla performed at Leipzig's Wave-Gotik-Treffen in May 2007. The band toured the states extensively through 2008 with darkwave band The Crüxshadows. The following year, I:Scintilla released an EP titled Prey On You, and their third album Dying & Falling (2010). In 2012, I:Scintilla released a pair of EPs: the "Marrow 1" (acoustic) and "Marrow 2". After a brief hiatus, I:Scintilla began recording their fourth album in the Spring of 2017 at Shirk Studios in Chicago, IL with producer Greg Panciera (Sylvia Massy, Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails, Dave Bianco). The record, entitled Swayed, was released September 21, 2018, preceded by the first single 'Carmena Saturna'. Swayed will be the first album of all-new material since 2010's Dying and Falling. I:Scintilla's current lineup consists of vocalist Brittany Bindrim, guitarist Jim Cookas, drummer Vince Grech (Sister Machine Gun, Stromkern), bassist Dean Dunakin, and guitarist Myles Arwine.


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Antigen Shift logoAd·ver·sary logo
Antigen Shift + Ad·ver·sary (Ottawa + Toronto, Canada)

Antigen Shift, the longstanding and well loved project from Ottawa's electro industrial veteran, Nick Theriault, is back and better than ever! A new iteration was born as Theriault began to perform live with Jairus Khan of Ad·ver·sary over the last several years. Khan soon officially joined the lineup, and the duo bring to bear a polished, rhythmic electronic soundscape featuring a depth and complexity familiar to fans of both musicians.

The collaboration between Theriault and Khan results in a sense of fire and urgency as of yet unheard by fans of this project. The energetic beats with pure techno elements join noisy dark electronics. The result oscilates between sweeping and driving, evolving into a unified sound structure that courses its way through your neurons.

Performing together, Antigen Shift + Ad·ver·sary bring a mix of tracks from both projects, in a high-energy live performance.


  • We Demand Better Video from Kinetik 5.0 set to Ad·ver·sary's Friends of Father from Bone Music
  • Antigen Shift - November from Brotherhood
  • Antigen Shift - Legion from Brotherhood
  • Antigen Shift - Refuge from The Way of the North
  • Ad·ver·sary - No Exit from Bone Music
  • Ad·ver·sary - Ancients from Bone Music
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FIRES logo
FIRES (Santa Fe, NM)

FIRES - Somewhere between AFI, Death Cab For Cutie, Imperative Reaction, and Carpenter Brut, FIRES has carved an impressive two year path. With the release of their first album, Red Goes Grey, on Metropolis Records in late 2017, FIRES then brought their high energy set to the road with extensive touring of the east coast in 2018 with Street Fever, Panic Lift, Xentrifuge, and Adoration Destroyed, as well as playing slots at Sanctuary and Terminus festival. Now, in 2019, FIRES looks forward to the release of "All of my dreams are of this place", a frenetic album which moves well beyond the electronic confines of Red Goes Grey, and instead focuses on the live elements of the FIRES show, complete with guitars, live drums, and massive sing along choruses paired with introverted lyrics that explore gender, personal failures, triumphs, and rebirth.


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Helix logo
Helix (Seattle, WA / Providence, RI)

Today we are very pleased to announce the next act in our lineup, Helix, a duo of scene stalwarts that has been gaining a lot of buzz and club traction in recent weeks:

A collaboration between musician Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) & vocalist Mari Kattman (Day Twelve, Mari & The Ghost), Helix is a genre-defying sonic tapestry of electronics, organic elements & haunting vocal harmonies. Trip-hop, dub, dream pop, synth-pop, & lofi combine into a mélange of seductive beats, found sounds, eerie textures, & distant melodies. Sonic cinema for sleepwalkers & insomniacs.


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Panic Lift logo
Panic Lift (Newark, NJ)

Fusing hard industrial with elements of synthpop, dance, and rock, Panic Lift has brought its signature style to numerous clubs and podcasts worldwide. They have performed electrifying live sets at Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany; Triton Festival in New York City; Terminus Festival in Calgary, Canada; and back-to-back years at Kinetik Festival in Montreal, Canada. On stage, Panic Lift is joined by live drummers Ben Tourkantonis and Christian Carver, along with longtime member Dan Platt on keyboards/bass.

Their most recent album, End Process, was released during the Summer of 2018 on Metropolis Records, and was supported by a headlining tour throughout North America with FIRES and Street Fever. End Process shows Panic Lift to be more evolved and mature than ever - improving on Skeleton Key's already unique voice, and fleshing out a focused, dark, concussive work of art.


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Worms of the Earth logo
Worms of the Earth (Washington, DC)

Worms of the Earth is the esoteric solo project of Dan Barrett, specializing in darkly atmospheric Ethno Industrial and Ritual Ambient soundscapes. Steeped in potent spiritual energy, the music coalesces the best elements of rhythmic noise, tribal industrial, dark ambient, and IDM. Since 2007 it has released albums on various labels including Tympanik Audio, Industry8, and Bugs Crawling Out Of People. Over the years the project has performed dozens of shows throughout the US and Canada and has over 60 compilation, remix, and collab appearances which have been featured on labels such as Projekt, Hands, Alfa Matrix, Tympanik, Metropolis, Annihilvs, etc.


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Avoxblue logo
Avoxblue (Boston, MA)

Experimental beats, otherworldly echoes, and deep, dark textures surround Avoxblue, the brainchild of Jimmy Rossi Jr. An ethereal wave of icy, electronic post-punk.

Fusing the synthetic, hypnotic sounds of new wave with the reverb heavy, and distorted features of shoegaze, Rossi creates an electronic wall of sound. The dreamy soundscapes are recreated and remixed live.

Avoxblue has recently expanded his live lineup to include Michael Morrissey, Katharine Case, and Vicki LaRiccia.


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MORIS BLAK is a pulse driven descent into the catacombs of the dance underground. Fusing the cold aggression of industrial music with the surgical precision of modern bass music, MORIS BLAK is the hymn for your warehouse rituals. Performances are a vortex of adrenaline and dread, playing their unique brand of bleak electronics to a backdrop of haunting visuals. Prepare to join the cult of industrial bass music.


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Zenobia Logo
Zenobia (Boston, MA)

Zenobia is a composer, performer, and explorer of sounds and emotions who has shared a stage with Foo Fighters, Rachel Sage, Edie Carey, Mila Drumke, and the Dresden Dolls. She has collaborated with contemporary popular electronic and ambient music pioneer Roedelius, worked in studio with Counting Crows founding member Matt Mally, and studied tabla and Hindustani classical voice in Kolkata, India.

She's a collector of sounds & colors, creator of soundscapes & visuals, an engineer & designer. With the capacity & desire to shape immersive sensory experiences, over ten years experience with graphic design, multi-media, video & audio composition, recording, production, a professional home studio, three studio albums under her belt, and a vast self-made collection of source media, she's ready and excited to be on the journey to sharing and unfolding her new works with you and the world.


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Digital Gnosis Logo
Digital Gnosis (Chicago, IL)

The dark electro-mystical group Digital Gnosis was formed in 2007 by audio/visual artists J and L. Their live shows feature improvisational elements that feed music and live VJ elements caduceus-like into composed song structures.

In 2016, they released their first full length Album Aten, and in 2017, they released a track by track remix album A_Net, featuring diverse creative artists such as Slighter, Nevada Hardware, Daniel Knox, Professor Kliq, St. Griselda, Kevin Lux, GRYPT, and POLYFUSE. In 2018 they remixed "Will Not Be Destroyed" by Collide, released on that band’s Mind & Matter Remix album. Digital Gnosis’ dark dance EP Gaté will be released digitally March 20th, 2019 on Thinkbreak Records.


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Nevada Hardware Logo
Nevada Hardware (Chicago, IL)

Hailing from Chicago, Nevada Hardware burst onto the scene in April of 2018 with the release of their debut EP, No Future, which I Die:You Die describes as "classic cyber-rave samples and passages meet modern club programming, plus a large amount of vintage Wax Trax sneering". Since the EP release, tracks have been featured on WZBC - The Industrial Factory, Dark Essence Radio, Communion After Dark, and the Dark Indulgence Mixshow, and the release ended up on multiple "best of 2018" dj lists. Blending glitch art aesthetics and hard-hitting hooks, Nevada Hardware has brought their high-energy live show to clubs in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Memphis, and are set to open for KLACK in Madison this February.


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Panic Priest Logo
Panic Priest (Chicago, IL)

Death, sex and doomed romance. Panic Priest is the project showcasing the Darkwave-centric songs of singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Jack Armondo. A combination of self produced home recording and in-studio polish, aided and abetted on record by friends and guest musicians alike. Centered around Jack's deep crooning vocals while weaving together dream-like guitars and synths, Panic Priest creates midnight melodies that won't soon leave your memory once dawn breaks.


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