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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts


We present to you our C25 committee, who have both the proven experience and the passion to curate for you the most arcane amusements and unspeakable delights for the weekend!

Committee Co-Chair Juliet Brownell-Lee, Warrior Princess
(Co-Chair) Juliet Brownell-Lee, Warrior Princess

Whether DJing, singing, organizing, or supporting, Juliet has been a stalwart of the Boston and Chicago goth scenes for decades (with a little bit of NYC thrown in for flavor). She DJs under the name Motia in the Boston/New England area, and from 2015-2016 was the co-resident of the ethereal/downtempo night Resonance. Juliet is no stranger to the organization of large events, having had a directorship at Rhode Island's Templecon. She has attended Convergences 10, 20, 24, and is a frequent traveler to international gothic festivals, the immediacy and joy of which she is keen to bring to C25.

Committee Co-Chair Amy Black, Cat Herding Specialist
(Co-Chair) Amy Black, Cat Herding Specialist

Amy is an experienced promoter and DJ who has been the main organizer for the gothic night PLAGUE in Portland Maine for 12 years, both arranging amazing parties and bringing in bands. She also provided promotional help to the Blacksun Festival. An enthusiastic attendee of Convergences past, Amy has attended C12 (NOLA), C13 (Portland, OR), C15 (Long Beach), and C20 (Chicago).

Committee Co-Chair Jared Helfer, Scene Dad
(Co-Chair) Jared Helfer, Scene Dad

A born and bred Jersey boy, Jared fell into the Boston scene like an opinionated sledgehammer 5 years ago. He has been running parties, DJing and booking shows since he moved here, with a focus on the amazing new bands and styles that have been coming through the scene. With a small team, he has been running a monthly goth/industrial/noise event called Corrosion Boston, booking and DJing for bands such as Clan of Xymox, Ego Likeness, Front 242, Boy Harsher, iVardensphere, Cyanotic and more.

Committee Co-Chair Tony Lee, Head Cultist
(Co-Chair) Tony Lee, Head Cultist

Tony, DJ Arcanus, has been at Convergence since its inception. He attended Convergence 1, 2, 4-10, 20, and 24, was part of the C2 (Boston) committee, and DJed at several of them. He started the Ceremony, Hexx, and Resonance nights in Boston. The first is still running almost 22 years later. He's helped bring several bands to Boston over the decades. When not playing music out, he produces shows for his online project, Xiled Radio. In addition to scene events, Tony holds multiple directorships at a convention that has thousands of attendees annually. Whether an event is big or small, he can be counted on to make sure everything is done right.

Allen Black, Tentacle Summoner
(Graphic Design) Allen Black, Tentacle Summoner

Allen Black is a Boston-based graphic designer. He cut his teeth working in the advertising department for a local video game company called Turbine. These days he is a freelancer designer who has a new card game being produced in early 2019. He also is a resident DJ (Black/Mail) at Boston's long-running weekly goth night, Ceremony. He attended and enjoyed Convergence 8 in Montreal.

Nicole Aucoin, Tea Imperator
(Tea Party, Boston group outings) Nicole Aucoin, Tea Imperator

Nicole Aucoin is a Boston based Canadian who was lured in by the charm of this sea side city with a vibrant goth scene and ditched her plan to go home to the Great White North. She has attended 22 Convergii and has possibly attended all of the tea parties that were on offer as well. She brings a deep appreciation for tea and loads of experience on how things look from in front of the curtain.