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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts


DJ Andi
Andi (Brooklyn, NY - SYNTHICIDE)

Andi Harriman is a DJ and writer living in New York City. As the founder of the dark synth and industrial party, SYNTHICIDE, she now holds her fifth year residency at Brooklyn's notorious venue Bossa Nova Civic Club. Andi's aesthetic combines her underground 1980s obsession with industrial, EBM, dark techno, and noise - anything aggressive and dismal. She is also the author of the book "Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: The Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s" and writes regularly for Bandcamp and Red Bull Music Academy, and is also the contributing editor at Post-punk.com. Additionally, she lectures about goth and has appeared at NYU, Wave Gotik Treffen, and Morbid Anatomy Museum.

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DJ Brian LDJ Devil's Advocate
Brian L & Devil's Advocate (Boston, MA - Corrosion)

Working together as Corrosion Boston for almost five years, DJ Devil's Advocate and DJ Brian L have been dedicated to bringing the best dark, underground music to the Boston area. DJ Brian L has been the mastermind behind The Industrial Factory, WZBCs industrial radio show for over 20 years. DJ Devil's Advocate has run events around the north east for years, and settled in Boston 6 years ago. Together, they have worked hard to bring the best new and classic music to the area. Corrosion Boston has been twice nominated for a Boston Music Award for Best Dance Night.

Closing out Saturday night, DJ Brian L and Devil's Advocate will bring the best of the dark goth, industrial and noise to Convergence that Boston has come to expect of them.

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DJ CarrieMonster
CarrieMonster (Chicago, IL - Horror Wednesday & Oh, You Pretty Things)

DJ CarrieMonster has been a Chicago scene staple since 1992. She's hosted numerous club nights, had guest appearances across the nation and in the ocean, and played more Convergences than she can remember!

She's a Convergence goer, supporter and organizer (on committees for C9,10,14,15 & 20). She's also part of the behind the scene crew that keep C* alive! (there is no Cabal)

Currently, Carrie holds 2 monthly events in Chicago. Horror Wednesday is a monthly celebration of all things dark with a big focus horror rock, goth rock & metal, death rock, a small amount of black metal & good dark rock n roll. Oh, You Pretty Things is a monthly tribute to David Bowie and friends!

She is also an accomplished, self-employed hair stylist serving a big portion of the Chicago alternative scene and dog mom to the internet famous RatChi, The Count!

One of the original Glam Goths, CarrieaMonster is an avid wearer of nice boots, faux fur, pink hair and all things witchy. ;)

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DJ DeHuman8
DeHuman8 (Portland, ME)

DeHuman8 has been a fixture of the Portland, Maine Goth-Industrial scene since '97, beginning at Portland's much missed Zootz and remaining one of Portland's premiere resident DJs, through numerous venues, for the next two decades. He is a co-founder of Goth Fly a Kite, New England's family friendly gothic weekend, now in its 16th year. He has worked every aspect of the Portland club scene and DJed throughout New England. Spinning post-punk and early goth to industrial and EDM, he takes great joy in flowing from the swirly to the stompy.

DJ :insect
:insect (Montrose, NY - Hive & Suspicious Records)

DJ :insect was the owner and creative director of Hive Records and Suspicious Records and over the last 15 years has performed powernoise, industrial and darkwave sets as a guest DJ across North America and as a resident at Synergy:Dallas and the SWARM. He is an accomplished visual artist living in upstate New York and has created album artwork and shot promotional photography for dozens of industrial, metal, post-punk and trip hop artists.

DJ John Volitans
John Volitans (Boston, MA - OVERDRIVE)

DJ John Volitans is a Boston-based DJ, currently the co-producer (along with DJ James 808, formerly of The Bank NYC and The Pyramid NYC) and resident DJ for OVERDRIVE: Retrowave/Electropop/Synthwave Dance Party! Before Boston, he was the impresario and DJ behind <One World : One Sky>, blending the indie electro, post punk revival, and synthpop genres during the early aughts in NYC. While John has a broad spectrum of alternative tastes, the genres closest to his heart will always be 80's new wave, goth/post punk, and ethereal/shoegaze (esp. 80's era 4AD).

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DJ MiseryMachine
MiseryMachine (San Antonio, TX - Blacklisted)

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the sultry siren DJ MiseryMachine, mixing only the finest smoldering modern Dark Electro/Techno, EBM, expertly beat-matched with the absolute best highlights of Classic Industrial. She has been regionally active at high profile venues such as, The Church in Dallas, Numbers in Houston, Elysium, Austin. MiseryMachine is an intoxicating and vital addition to take any event to that next level. Choose your poison...

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DJ Mistress McCutchan
Mistress McCutchan (Toronto, Canada - Prophecy, ALTÆR)

Mistress McCutchan made her start DJing at the legendary NYC club, Mother, in December 1997 with her then DJ-partner, Carlos. From there, she's spun a variety of parties in NYC (Mother, CGBG's, Limelight), Philadelphia, and The Black Sun Festival in New Haven. She had a residency at Contempt from 2005 til 2007, when she moved to Toronto. While in Canada, she went on a mini DJ tour with Mark Splatter in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, and then created the Salon Noir parties at Lula Lounge. Currently, she's one-half of a dark dance party with fellow ex-New Yorker, The Wasteland, at Round, called Prophecy. She is also one half of the podcast, Cat vs. Bat, and the collective behind ALTAER. She clearly hates sleep.

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DJ Zvetschka
Zvetschka (Brooklyn, NY)

Zvetschka is a Brooklyn-based multi genre DJ and live remix artist with a focus on EBM, Industrial and the darker side of Techno. A long-time collaborator in the NYC scene, Zvetschka cut her teeth working with the legendary Goth/Industrial party, "Contempt," starting in 2002. In recent years, she has dj'd a host of events in NYC, generating a reputation for seamless, coherent and exciting sets that take the dance-floor on a journey from classics to new favorites. Zvetschka has dj'd Brooklyn's synth-heavy 'Synthicide' at Bossa Nova Civic Club and at industrial flash point, 'DefCon,' in NYC's storied Pyramid Club. She has also woven a dark & compelling web of goth, post-punk & classic alternative for Mother Angel Blue's 'The Cure AfterShow Party' at Slake (the former Albion/Batcave space) and at 'Rock'em Sock'em' at the East Village institution, Otto's Shrunken Head. In addition, Zvetschka's radio appearances include a collaborative DJ set on Reade Truth's 'RadioCrash' broadcast on The Lot Radio with Turntablist, DJ Darryl Hell, The Horrorist's 'Kunst Krach' radio program, as well as, DJ Mike Textbeak's 'CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3' radio program.

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