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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts


Fashion Designer: Jeannie Nitro
Jeannie Nitro

We at Jeannie Nitro LOVE to dress up and we love to dress you up. When you walk into a room wearing Jeannie Nitro, heads turn. Whether you are wearing a see through fetish pink plastic dress with fuzzy hearts over your bosoms or a long gothic brocade and velvet dress with a train trailing behind you, you will be noticed. It's not just the wonderfully eclectic designs that set you apart when wearing Jeannie Nitro but the sense of empowerment you feel.

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Fashion Designer: Phoenix Latex
Phoenix Latex

Rise to the Occasion!

Phoenix Latex is focused on creating unique, beautiful, quality latex clothing for everyone. Founded upon the belief that latex can look beautiful on all figures, we overcome the stereotype that latex looks best only on fashion models. We believe that not only everyone can wear latex, but that all body shapes deserve stunning clothing designed with them in mind.

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Fashion Designer: Delicious Boutique
Delicious Boutique

Delicious Boutique, a specialty clothing retailer and manufacturer, offers a wide variety of higher-end, unique clothing and accessories for the discriminating subculture shopper. The various collections include tribal, burner, steampunk and post apocalyptic clothing movements.

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Fashion Designer: Zoa Chimerum Jewelry
Zoa Chimerum Jewelry

Zoa Chimerum is biomorphic handmade jewelry featuring rhythmic, flowing patterns of cut rubber layered over forged aluminum inspired by the growth patterns of flora and fauna. The collection conjures images of prickly sea creatures and thorny blossoms, but uses soft rubber to ensure each piece is comfortable to wear and pleasantly tactile.

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