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Convergence 25

Quarter Life Crisis

May 3-5, 2019

BOSTON, Massachusetts

Hotel: The Inn At Brookline


Please note that the hotel used to be owned by IHG as a Holiday Inn, but as of November 2018 it is now an independent hotel. Under its new name, the hotel is still honoring our Convergence 25 contract. Anyone who has booked rooms already doesn't have to do anything though they should be aware that future contact about reservations will be from The Inn at Brookline and not Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline. Furthermore, the rate per night has been reduced to $179, and this is also the rate that will be charged for people who have already booked rooms for the weekend at The Inn.

If you booked nights ourside our Convergence block (May 1, 6, or 7), please check with the hotel to make sure those nights are still in the system. 1 person experienced a glitch where her May 1 reservation was cancelled. It was fixed when she call the front desk. Everyone else we know of who had reservations outside our block is good, but we were only able to check people we know.

We have a Convergence Hotel Share Facebook group for anyone looking for roommates during the weekend.

The Inn at Brookline
1200 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

Phone: (617) 277-1200 - Website

Closest Subway: Green Line C Train: St. Paul stop (Don't go to the B Train stop)

Closest Bus: Route 66: Harvard Ave @ Brighton Ave stop

The group rate for The Inn at Brookline will be $179/night, which gets you either a room with a queen bed (up to 2 people) or room with 2 double beds (up to 4 people). Our room block has ended. You may still book a room at the hotel at their current rate.

The Inn at Brookline is located less than ten minutes by car from the venue, less than 15 minutes by bus, and less than 30 minutes by foot.

The hotel is an accessible facility in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood, a safe and busy area with delicious dining options that are open late into the night (as well as a Trader Joe's and Coolidge Corner Wine & Spirits). It features:

  • a heated indoor pool
  • free coffee in the lobby
  • free wi-fi for guests
  • a restaurant and a cocktail lounge
Of course we have already reserved space within the hotel for our vendors to delight you with their unique and dark wares. The Inn at Brookline is also located on the Green line C train of the T, which easily takes you to Boston's major downtown tourist attractions.

Overnight parking at the hotel is $45/day. If you don't plan to use your car during the weekend, there are some more affordable daily lots at Chestnut Hill (3.7 miles $6/day), Alewife (5.6 miles $7-8/day), and Sullivan Station (6.1 miles $6/day). It's recommended you take a taxi back to the hotel as public transit will require at least 1 transfer and significantly more time to get back to the hotel.

The hourly rate for parking is $5 for the first hour, +$2 for every hour after. If you're staying for more than 4 hours, you can avoid the hourly rate by going to the front desk and telling them you're with Convergence 25. They'll validate your parking and give you a discounted flat rate of $11. This is good until midnight so you'll have to leave the lot by then.

Brookline has no overnight parking on the street, even in metered spots. Bewteen 2-6AM, cars may park legally for 1 hour, but you risk getting a ticket or being towed after the hour.

Parking near Brighton Music Hall and The Inn at Brookline is up to 2 hours Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM. It is free outside of those hours, including Sunday.

Hotel to/from Venue
The Route 66 bus runs between Coolidge Corner and Brighton Music Hall. The Coolidge Corner bus stop is 3 blocks (0.2 miles) from the Holiday Inn. It's a quick 5 stops to your Harvard Ave @ Brighton Ave. It is an almost negligibly quick cab/rideshare ride at night, and is only a half-hour walk (1.0 mile)!